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Capture One, Professional RAW development

Capture One is the choice for any photographer looking for an image editing software alternative to the established RAW development tools. Capture One serves as a Swiss Army knife, especially for professional studio use. With its comprehensive functions for designing covers, fast image transfer via tethering and excellent color settings, the software is a very efficient tool that makes the everyday life of a professional photographer much easier.

Capture One, the ultimate tool for studio photographers

The raw development program Capture One is one of the most powerful programs for tethering, as it was originally developed for use with Phase One cameras and to quickly transfer the 100 megapixel image data from the camera to the photographer's device.

Our Fototage Speaker Per Appelgren, showed his workflow with Capture One at the last Photo Days and gives us a vision of what is possible with Capture One.

Faster workflow for wedding & event photographers

The batch processing and selection of photos can be controlled much faster and more effectively in Capture One than in other RAW development programs and offers time savings and practical management and application of presets/styles that enable you to deliver images quickly.

This gives you more time for other jobs and more satisfied customers thanks to the prompt delivery of image data, which is particularly beneficial in event and press photography. The fast loading times and processing speeds of the individual images also have a positive effect on their export.

Fine and accurate color matching with Capture One

Capture One offers you a very deep and very precise adjustment of colors, with which it is possible for you to adjust color tones even better and more precisely, just like from the skin. Capture One supports you in all aspects of fast and creative image editing.

The software also supports you with many small tools for masking clothing etc. Thanks to AI technology, you save a lot of time and can precisely adjust the exposure without having to resort to brushes or other tools. Want a different look? Let the AI develop a new style and let it inspire you or make your workflow more effective.

Capture One variants

Contributions around Capture One

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New Capture One model

Capture One is always optimizing the features and usability of their models and versions. For this reason, they have now launched a new 'release when ready' model, which allows you to get the latest improvements immediately. You can find all the important new features in the following article.

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Capture One iPad App

There is finally a Capture One version for the iPad, for all those who want to work on their images on the go and don't want to be tied to a computer.

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Whether in numerous forums, photo groups or at regulars' tables - the name CAPTURE ONE comes up more and more often and not without reason. If you are now asking yourself, what exactly does this program do? What advantages does it offer you? CAPTURE ONE expert Philip Reichwein has the answer in his new video.

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In this article, we'll tell you about our favorite features of the latest version of the photo editing software and introduce helpful tools that you can use to get the best out of your photos.

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