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Foto Koch Sustainability

Sustainability at Foto Koch

At Foto Koch, we try to make our contribution to a better future in small steps by acting sustainably and rethinking our processes every day. We are still at the beginning, but we are trying to get a little better every day. We would like to show you what steps we are already taking and what difficulties there are in our industry to become more sustainable.

These are our sustainability partners:

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Sustainability at Foto Koch - current


our energy is generated from green electricity

since 2018

we are a mobility partner of the city of D?sseldorf


of employees come by public transport or on foot


of CO2 emissions are reduced with RePack deliveries

seit 2015

new efficient air conditioning systems are in operation at Foto Koch

Sustainability at Foto Koch - the future


Making packaging even more sustainable and reducing plastic


DHL aims to reduce logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050


CO2-neutral by 2035 as part of the D?sseldorf Climate Pact

RePack - an example of a more sustainable shipping option

The difficulties we encounter:

We as a company, Foto Koch, are trying to optimize our processes and make them more sustainable, over which we have influence. One difficulty is that we have no influence on the production of the products. We try to use our resources to influence the industry and provide our input. It is particularly difficult to achieve greater sustainability in the technology sector, as materials are used that are simply not sustainable. Nevertheless, we are noticing a change in the industry towards a greener future.

Climate Pact D?sseldorf - we are partners!

Climate-neutral by 2035 - with this goal in mind, the state capital D?sseldorf, the D?sseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the D?sseldorf Chamber of Skilled Crafts and District Crafts Association founded the "D?sseldorf Climate Pact with Business". The cooperation network supports companies on their way to a more climate-friendly and sustainable future.

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Climate Pact D?sseldorf Foto Koch

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