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Tripods from Sirui

Professional tripods for landscape or macro photography come from Sirui, among others. The manufacturer Sirui stands for the production of high-quality tripods made of carbon or aluminum.

Advice on Sirui tripods

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Guide to video and lamp tripods

Anyone who produces videos is sure to ask themselves this one question: Which tripod for my camera and lights? We want to offer you some initial help here.

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Sirui Exact Gimbal

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Sirui Traveler 5CX Tripod Carbon B-00K Ball head

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Bundles with Sirui Dolly DT-06 for SH series

Sirui Dolly DT-06 + broadcast tripod with video panhead SH-25

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The innovative tripods from Sirui

Professional tripods for landscape or macro photography come from Sirui, among others. The manufacturer Sirui stands for the production of high-quality tripods made of carbon or aluminum. Many professional photographers and ambitious hobby photographers swear by the brand and its tripods. Sirui now also offers exciting anamorphic lenses for videography.

Sirui tripods are generally characterized by the fact that they offer a good step system for their tripod legs and ensure quick and effective handling. The use of high-quality materials ensures a long service life.

The material used for the tripods from Sirui

  • 10x Carbon stands for a 20-layer carbon fiber, the tripods are particularly characterized by an extremely low weight, high stability and low vibration.
  • 8x Carbon stands for an 8-layer carbon fiber, the tripods are also very light and have few vibrations
  • Aluminum tripods are relatively light and offer a high level of stability

Under normal use, the tripods will not reach their limits, the quality and finesse of the tripods or monopods are shown in the extreme, so all products are tested at -40?C and +100?C.

Special feature center column?

The center column of the Sirui tripods is particularly interesting for macro photographers, as the tripods come with a long and a short center column. The short center column and the low position of the tripods allow you to work very close to the ground and the object of your desire.

Which tripod leg locks does Sirui offer?

Sirui offers a lock for every taste, so Sirui builds tripods with a ring lock (Ring-Lock) and the flip lock system.

What is the ring lock?

The ring lock consists of a rubber ring with an inner ring. As soon as two tripod segments are pushed into each other, the sleeve slides into the upper segment and is fixed in place by tightening the rubber ring. If you turn the ring lock in the opposite direction, this fixation is released again and the foot is free.

What is the hinged closure?

The folding lock works according to a simple system: by opening and closing the lock, you can vary / adjust the height of the tripod.

Conclusion of the tripod leg locks

It is more or less a matter of taste which lock is the right one for the tripod legs, the ring lock offers a small weight advantage and maintenance is somewhat simplified. However, many users do not like the turning of the tripod legs and therefore usually prefer to use a flip lock.

The flip locks from Sirui can be recognized by the E marking.

Other products from Sirui

In addition to tripods, Sirui offers an interesting selection of other products: